The Project Team

Bob McWhirter

Bob started the JBoss Cloud in September 2008. He currently contributes to  He's also the lead on TorqueBox.

Marek Goldmann

Marek Goldmann joined the JBoss Cloud effort in January 2009. He now leads the development of BoxGrinder, CirrAS. Sometimes helps also on SteamCannon.

Jim Crossley

Jim joined the JBoss Cloud team in May of 2010.  When he's not otherwise using his powers for "general human suffering reduction", he lets his Ruby and Java skills battle it out on TorqueBox.

Ben Browning

Ben joined the JBoss Cloud team in July of 2010. He leads the development of SteamCannon and feels naked without his hat on.

Tobias Crawley

Tobias joined the JBoss Cloud team in August of 2010. He works on SteamCannon, and has lots of clever things to say (just not here).